Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finishes

Color Where You Want Color

Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finishes make multiple, real metal hues possible on a single part

Selective Spinelle™, an amalgamation of key Lacks innovations, enables finish variability on a single part assembly. Alternating colors allows for heightened visual impact and distinction in design, especially across different trim levels. This ability to combine hues, glosses and configurations multiplies design possibilities—and opportunities—exponentially.

Precision in Application

Advanced application techniques provide new differentiation possibilities

Lacks Selective Spinelle™ is applied with a level of accuracy not found in other color-variation technologies, which gives you the freedom to vary finish types wherever and whenever you decide it’s necessary. With Selective Spinelle™, it’s even possible to reduce the overall number of parts because what was multiple parts with multiple finishes before can now be a single one. This results in reduced part complexity and ultimately cost.

Why Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finishes?

  • Consolidating different colored, textured and polished surfaces reduces part numbers, design complexities, weight, assembly costs, and the potential for field issues, including Buzz, Squeaks and Rattles
  • Color and texture variation—or a combination of the two—make trim level differentiation a simple matter of deciding what changes you want, and where
  • Color and combination possibility results in the opportunity for distinction