The Science in the Art

Electrochemistry expertise makes Lacks leaders in production and process

One key component to ensuring premium quality products is our proprietary automated rack system. This assemblage of equipment guides components through the electroplating process automatically with the precision only Lacks can provide—all the while being monitored by our customized, proprietary computing software.


It Comes Down to Chemistry

Monitoring and replenishing chemicals in real-time ensures consistency and strength

Even minimal alterations in chemical composition have the potential to produce complications down the line. At Lacks, our highly sophisticated, automated monitoring system allows for a level of control unmatched by other suppliers—mitigating the potential for undesired results and minimizing tuning cycles.

Organic Coatings

Organic Coatings

Lacks organic coatings are more than a protective barrier

Component longevity is of the utmost importance, so great care is taken to ensure our organic coatings provide the utmost corrosion protection. In addition to chemical and mechanical resistance though, Lacks organic coatings offer color matching, reflectivity level variability and superior adhesion.

Why Lacks Electroplating and Organic Coating Expertise?

  • Centralized capabilities assure an integrated, cross-functional team approach
  • Deep, multidisciplinary talent minimizes field performance risk
  • Real-time quality measurement and process adjustment with round-the-clock in-house analysis to minimize reaction time
  • Fully equipped coatings development laboratory focuses on color formulation and matching, as well as pretreatment and surface chemistry to develop unique metallic finishes