Finish Technologies

Understand Our Capabilities and You Can See the Potential

Lacks innovative finish technologies give automakers new tools from which to approach design distinction

With our industry-leading electroplating, Spinelle™ Metal Finishes, Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finishes and Tessera® Textured Finishes innovations, the world of elegant, unique and durable finish technologies is yours to design from.

Electroplating Finishes
Lacks proprietary plating process results in finish reflectivity levels from high gloss to satin.
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Spinelle™ Metal Finish
Spinelle™ finish technology allows for a nearly infinite range of color options on chromeplated components.
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Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finish
Selective Spinelle™ gives customers the ability to apply multiple finishes on a single part in one manufacturing step.
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Tessera® Textured Finishes
Add depth and feel to your finish with pioneering Tessera® texturing.
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Innovation and the Pursuit of It

Research and development leads the way

Our world-class advanced technologies lab was designed to be an industry benchmark, where new processes and technologies exceed the highest industry standards. With the latest and most comprehensive on-site testing equipment, Lacks leads in developing and validating durable finish technologies and sophisticated manufacturing processes that move the industry forward.

Research & Development

Infinite in Application

Not limited by typical finish constraints, business applications are endless

Complete systems control over the production process means possibility can become reality. Where other companies might require external partners for industrial design, prototyping, testing, molding, painting or plating, Lacks is all-encompassing and, therefore, capable of innovating to deliver on your vision.

Business Applications