Road Tested; Test Proven

Advanced and varied testing keeps Lacks ahead of the field

Our comprehensive testing facility provides a single source for inquiry and study of all types. This includes environmental simulation and accelerated weathering, as well as an ever-expanding number of physical and mechanical tests. Aerodynamics, fuel economy, wheel stress—there are tests for every category, and capabilities for the development of new categories as clients require them.

GCMS Testing

Quality Quantified

Comprehensive testing and evaluation ensures we meet the high standards set forth by our partners, and ourselves

Lacks operates on a regimented testing schedule, designed to uphold the highest standards. Ours. Unrivaled knowledge and attention to detail allow our technicians to provide accurate, repeatable test results in fields such as chemical resistance, environmental durability and impact resistance. Lacks ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility undertakes independent field studies to identify product performance concerns before issues can develop in the field. Our technicians’ work consistently confirms the findings of our accelerated test methods.

Why Lacks Testing?

  • Advanced technology allows for comprehensive standards testing in categories like surface preparation, thermal curing, paint mix ratios, and more, plus the capability for the formulation of new tests as development requires them
  • In-house testing eliminates time and monetary complications brought on by third parties
  • Fewer field issues occur as the result of testing and adjusting—made possible only by Lacks involvement in every stage of production