Spinelle™ Metal Finishes

The Color of Possibility

Spinelle™ Metal Finishes enable a near infinite range of available color options

Lacks proprietary multicoated “color-over-chrome” technology allows for the varying of color and chrome for striking visual contrast. Our surface treatment process, which includes substrate fabrication, proprietary chrome pre-treatment process, and color formulation, gives designers flexibility and results in a durable, field-proven finish. The richness of our extensive range of translucent and gloss hues offers a marked improvement over traditional paint and expands your design palette.

Adding Color to Chrome: The Spinelle™ Process

Patented Surface Treatment
Spinelle™ Metal Finish
Clear Coat

Why Spinelle™ Metal Finishes?

  • Real metal hues give trim level differentiation options to designers without additional tool investment costs
  • Proven on over 40 million parts since 2005
  • Available custom color creation allows for unique, ownable hues
  • Advanced color-matching technologies enables total vehicle harmonization