Progressively led, culturally grounded

It’s who we are, how we work and how we succeed

There exists within Lacks a duality that has served the company well from the very beginning. On one side, there’s the forward-thinking, risk-taking mentality that drives Lacks to create innovative, groundbreaking products and processes. On the other, there’s a deep-rooted devotion to community, both inside and outside the company. These cultural characteristics make Lacks both an exceptional place to do work and to be part of.

Do it Right, and do it Every Time

Striving to do the right thing is part of our heritage and is why we succeed

From the very beginning, it was established that if Lacks was going to do something, it would be with a full commitment to do it properly. Product development, research, volunteering, environmental responsibility—total devotion in these areas and more can be seen throughout our history.


Lacks Business Units

For more than 5 decades, Lacks has been dedicated to producing distinct, high-quality finish solutions. Part of Lacks strength has been our commitment to focused expertise on design and craftsmanship. Lacks business units specialize in applying Lacks innovative finishes, production experience and testing capacity to the unique needs of our customers.

Lacks Trim Systems Logo

An internationally recognized provider of complex, highly decorated components and systems for the exterior automotive trim market.

Exterior Trim Systems

Lacks Plastic Plate Logo

Specialists in complete customer-focused decorative finish solutions for the automotive interior trim, roof rail trim and consumer appliance trim industries.

Plastic Plate Interior Trim Systems

Lacks Wheel Trim Systems

A full-service supplier of innovative,
high-tech solutions for composite wheel assemblies and components in a wide variety of durable finishes.

Wheel Trim Systems

Lacks Supports Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids,

Who We Are. Where We Live. What We Strive to Protect

Our home is West Michigan, and only the best sustainability practices in the industry are good enough for it

The lengths Lacks goes to protect the environment are unmatched. A total of 98% of material is recycled, leading the industry in responsible business practices.

Lacks Community and Culture

Lacks’ greatest asset: Our people

Innovation culture extends beyond our products, it provides unique programs for employees

We go great lengths to provide employees and their families with a number of progressive tools and resources to live healthy, fulfilling lives. A medical center, healthy dining options, volunteer opportunities, community outreach programs—it’s care like this that bolsters camaraderie and goodwill, and has won Lacks multiple Best and Brightest Places to Work awards.


Prevention, Planning, Performance

Lacks invests substantial amounts of time, care and capital in ensuring our health and safety programs are among the best available

Arrangements include individual accountability and position-specific safety training programs, as well as active employee involvement in company safety committees. Our advancements in ergonomic equipment even garnered recognition from the state of Michigan.