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Outfit your appliances with Lacks distinctive finishes

Electroplating, Spinelle™, Selective Spinelle™ and Tessera® finish technologies make dazzling, durable trims available on appliances of all types. With design and program management supported by tooling, production and process development capabilities, Lacks functions as a one-source supplier for top-tier appliance styling.

Lacks Appliance Trim

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Complete control gives you increased design freedom

Where other companies require external contracting for industrial design, prototyping, testing, molding, painting or plating, Lacks possesses a complete array of disciplines, tools and expertises to support you throughout development. We formulate new technologies for your parts. We vary finish technologies across parts and applications. We see your project through from concept to completion. Door trims, decorative panels, handles and more are yours to design and finish how you see fit.

Why Lacks Appliance Trim?

  • Beginning to end production control allows for the consolidation of different colored, textured and polished surfaces, reducing part numbers, design complexities, weight and assembly costs
  • Innovative finish technologies increase the perception of value without adding secondary operations, thus controlling cost to value ratios
  • Texturing capabilities add another level of dimension and possibility to trim styling
  • Lacks components are the product of 10 plus years of appliance-specific part development