Advanced Technology

Advancing the Technology Standard

Lacks puts advanced technology at the center of operations for a higher rate of innovation

To facilitate the development of new technologies, Lacks keeps our key production components local. Engineering, manufacturing, research and development and our advanced technology divisions are close together so that communication between teams is frequent, fast and responsive. This results in new equipment, standards and tools, so Lacks can constantly improve on what it means to be the industry’s best.

Testing Equipment

Development and Testing

Advanced technology informs design decisions from the beginning, and validates them in the end

In the business of manufacturing, the most advanced technologies breed the superior product. Lacks substantial investments in acquiring and developing technological firsts strengthens our position as a development and testing leader.

Why Lacks Advanced Technology Group?

  • Using the latest technology from the beginning of the production process ensures longevity after completion
  • New technologies promote new ideas and possibilities
  • Advanced technology allows for more in-depth testing and new validation metrics