Research & Development

The Pursuit of Innovation

Investing in the Future

Technology and process innovations are Lacks hallmarks. Here, we see research and development as an investment in your imagination, your designs and your product development. Lacks fosters an environment of proactive inquiry and study in the pursuit of forward-thinking solutions because we believe that groundbreaking ideas are born when given the freedom and support they need. Building the designs of the future starts with research and development today.

Advanced Technology Group
Advanced Technology Group
Our process engineering team has a proven track record of successfully launching new finish technologies into full production. We focus on continuous improvement through material selection, advanced automation and improved process controls.
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Lacks R&D: Electrochemistry
From lab to pilot line to production, our scientists and engineers innovate both in brilliant metal finish surfaces with high-performance features and the manufacturing expertise to make it real.
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From our corporate labs where new processes and technologies are measured against the highest industry standards to the latest in high-tech testing equipment, Lacks is capable of analyzing and assessing the potential of revolutionary advances. We perfect these processes to meet and exceed rigorous customer quality requirements.
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Lacks Industrial Design: Tessera Technology
Industrial Design
Our ability to take an idea and make it a working, performing, dazzling component, then find ways to make the next one better, rests on the expertise of a talented group of experienced design specialists who are the foremost authorities in CAD design, tooling and engineering. You have a vision, together we’ll make it production ready.
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Lacks Finish Technologies

Measures in Forward Thinking

Advanced data capturing and analysis kick-start innovation

One-of-a-kind, centralized, real-time quality measurement and process adjustment capabilities gives us an accurate depiction of every stage of the finish process—not just for the best quality finished components today but to help us make informed decisions on where to go next.

Finish Technologies

Infinite Applications

Not limited by typical finish constraints, the business applications are endless

Complete end-to-end control over the manufacturing development process means possibility is the reality. Where other companies would require external partners for industrial design, prototyping, testing, molding, painting or plating, Lacks maintains these disciplines in-house. This kind of control over the process gives you—and us—the freedom to work together towards a goal that wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated team and vision of excellence. Control provides the opportunity for collaboration, a tool necessary for innovation.

Business Applications