Leading the Way with
Functional Innovation

Plastic Plate decorative finishes optimize the look and feel of any vehicle with a "cool to the touch" quality traditionally available only with real metal. Our unparalleled color development processes balance bright and muted finishes while maintaining exquisite finish harmony throughout the vehicle.  We are a full service supplier with captive design, engineering, prototyping, testing, molding, painting, plating and other services for the production of various trim components found within the vehicle interior.  Including us early in the design phase helps reduce supply costs, speeds the manufacturing process, and ensures product robustness.


Ready to Serve You with All Your Decorative Interior Trim Needs

Utilizing Plastic Plate for your complete interior decorative trim packages ensures color harmony and averts costly rematches.  When you source the world's most advanced decorative technologies, you also solve the interior trim industry's oldest challenge — buzz, squeak and rattle!


Looking to Differentiate Models or Refresh a Product Line? 

Plastic Plate can help you accomplish all of this and more with our innovative finishes. Our multiple decorative technologies provide numerous possibilities for customization of any vehicle without the need for major retooling investment. Our Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finish process gives a single part the look that other manufacturers can only accomplish through use of multiple components.

Customized Trim Solutions













Automotive Interior Trim

The finest in surface decorating and molding capabilities enable Plastic Plate to work with our OEM and tier partners to achieve global market distinction and high consumer appeal.

Working closely with the entire supply chain, we are able to supply numerous decorative trim parts across many platforms including: door spears, HVAC bezels, center stack bezels, cup holder bezels, steering wheel bezels and instrument cluster bezels.

Our ability to deliver high-tech, high-quality products that balance functionality and innovation has earned us a reputation as a leader in decorative plastic chrome plated parts for the automotive interior trim industry.






Roof Rail Trim

At Plastic Plate, we believe aesthetics and function must go hand in hand. Our decorative rail covers are designed to be integrated harmoniously into the vehicle's roof profile to efficiently and effectively meet necessary functionality requirements while adding beauty to any vehicle. Our design engineers develop integrated 1-piece full vehicle length covers that offer finishes to match any trim level while allowing complete vehicle harmony with other automotive components such as grilles, wheels, handles, and rocker panels.

Our aerodynamic designs are specifically developed to reduce wind noise and wind drag while increasing fuel economy. The extremely durable composite plastic roof rail covers are lightweight yet designed to meet all vehicle performance testing standards, reduce warranty claims and allow for greater design flexibility compared to traditional metal systems.






Appliance Trim

Washer and dryer decorative chrome trim rings are just one of many examples which showcase the capabilities of Plastic Plate. Our employees take great pride in maintaining a long and consistent record of delivering products of superior quality and craftsmanship to the appliance industry. In addition, Plastic Plate demonstrates an advanced ability to adapt to the cyclical nature common in the retail appliance industry.

At Plastic Plate, we offer complete program management capabilities to OEM clients. Plastic Plate’s goal is to work early in the product design phase with OEM industrial design and design engineering groups. With design and program management supported by tooling, production and process development capabilities, Plastic Plate can function as a one-source turnkey supplier greatly reducing OEM lead time to market and decreasing supply chain costs. We have the ability to offer multiple chrome plating finishes enhancing the design of an appliance or complementing other design aesthetics such as stainless steel and high gloss paints commonly found on a variety of appliance products.

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