Making Beautiful Perform Beautifully

Lacks Industrial Design: it’s Balance

Artistically minded and scientifically focused, our designers balance high-design, manufacturing feasibility and marketability to ensure the highest quality product. They are uniquely specialized in the development of component surfaces, finishes and textures. A decade’s worth of end-to-end control over the product development cycle has built a multi-disciplinary team capable of expressing the hallmarks of your vehicle and your brand with the functional benefits of Lacks technologies.

Lacks Industrial Design Department: Design Mockups

Focused on the Finish from the Start

With finish in mind, we design

To us, it’s not just the quality of the part or the finish itself that’s important—it’s how the two function together as one cohesive piece. Lacks partners with designers to develop the necessary component geometry to support an impeccable finish. From surface to finish, we understand the complex interaction between shape, texture and light. Expertise in translating design needs to manufacturing realities combined with comprehensive testing capabilities ensures that every Lacks part satisfies a wholistic criteria set from aesthetic nuances to engineering goals.

Lacks Industrial Design Department: Finish Design

Why Lacks Industrial Design?

  • Proficiency with various multimedia technologies simplifies communication and allows customers to visualize their design potential
  • Expertise in translating designs into manufacturable components means building to your vision, not limiting your vision to what has already been built
  • Design-to-manufacturing control ensures design fidelity throughout the production phase


Lacks is proud to partner with CCS to create experiences that enrich learning and advance the creative spirit within our next generation of dreamers, doers and makers.