Supplier Resources

Please use the link to the left to Access Lacks' SupplyWeb. Below are commonly needed forms and information documents available for download to our vendors and suppliers. All forms are in PDF format and may be opened using Adobe Reader.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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Supplier Download Files

Lacks' Purchasing Information

Lacks Supplier Manual

Lacks Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Insurance Requirements for Suppliers & Contractors


Supplier Quality Document

Engineering Change/New Part/PPAP Tag

Engineering Sample Component Label

Supplier Change Request Form

Component Supplier PPAP Checklist


EDI and Label Specs

EDI 830 Specification

EDI 856 Specification

Vendor Label Specifications


Environmental and Safety

IMDS Data Sheet

Regulated Substances List

Environmental Health & Safety Requirements
for Contractors


SupplyWEB® Support Documents

SupplyWEB® - Registration Instructions

SupplyWEB® - Browser Requirements & Navigation

SupplyWEB® - Event Mgt Console & Alert Inst

SupplyWEB® - Demand Schedules

SupplyWEB® - Advance Shipping Notification

SupplyWEB® - Setting Up Parts and Pkg Info

SupplyWEB® - Defective Materials Notice [DMN]

SupplyWEB® - Responding to DMN

SupplyWEB® - Delivery Performance Report [DPR]

SupplyWEB® - Responding to DPR

SupplyWEB® - Performance Review

SupplyWEB® - Premium Freight and AETC

Sample Packing Slip

Sample Bill of Lading

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