Environmentally Responsible

In today's global market, sustainability is not just a buzzword. Finding alternatives to cut or eliminate waste is the essence of sound business practices. At Lacks, our efforts to achieve new technologies to maintain competitive advantages are balanced with ambitious programs to protect and preserve the environment.


Our Mission

To continually improve at minimizing the environmental impacts of our products and operations through pollution prevention and conservation of materials and natural resources, and to ensure a safe environmental for our employees, customers, and the public.


Our Commitment and Responsibility

Lacks Enterprises has been registered to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We are committed to products and operations that minimize adverse impacts on the environment. Our commitment to being environmentally responsible is not just focused on complying with all applicable environmental and safety laws and regulations. Our commitment is also focused on the continuous improvement of our environmental management system.

Lacks Enterprises works to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance by minimizing the impact of our products and operations on the environment by:

  • Preventing accidental releases through preparedness planning
  • Conserving materials and natural resources
  • Practicing the pollution prevention hierarchy of waste source reduction, in-process recycling and reuse, off-site recycling, and environmentally sound methods of treatment and disposal
  • Educating our employees and encouraging involvement on environmental, health, and safety awareness
  • Continuous improvement


A Responsible Community Partner

Adopting the ideals of a model corporate citizen, Lacks looks beyond regulatory compliance to pursue a deeper understanding of the role that companies can play in their community. For example, we established a central recycling center to augment our plant-specific recycling efforts, allowing us to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by more than half.

Lacks has also taken an active role in the community through our HAZMAT team. Through software improvements and elaborate computer monitoring and controls, we have reduced contamination risk but our proactive efforts extend even further. We are proud that our HAZMAT team is viewed as a valuable resource by area law enforcement agencies as well as our neighbors.


A Leader in Education

Education remains a key component in our overall environmental mission. Lacks communicates the importance of environmental awareness by implementing a training program for all employees that play an active role in handling hazardous waste, minimizing oil pollution, and practicing good stormwater housekeeping. We believe employee stewardship is paramount to our efforts to insure each facility maintains the highest environmental standards.

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